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About me

Hello, everybody!

I'm Vera and I will help you become a little bit happier and healthier. My mission is the physical and spiritual health and beauty of my clients. I stand for a healthy approach to the future. I debunk myths about quick results.

In all types of massage I work according to a personally developed author's scheme, using knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, physiotherapy and even nutrition.

I've chosen this approach to better understand my work and I've been studying everything about the body for over 6 years.

By teaching other masters I pass on my very wide experience and mastery of personal painless working techniques, teach to feel the body through the hands as well as the correct positioning of the hands.

Thanks to all this knowledge gained in my studies in various fields and practical experience I manage to carefully help people through coaching.

As a nutritionist, a fitness trainer and a physio specialist I can give people great support and a new understanding of themselves.

My Education

I have diplomas which I am certainly proud of and use the knowledge gained to great benefit.

My Diplomas:
- Masseur (Therapy, Fundamentals of Physiotherapy, Relaxation and Cosmetics)
- Nutritionist (I am not engaged in the interpretation of blood microelement analyzes)
- Personal fitness trainer

and many closed seminars and lectures from international physiotherapists and rehabilitators

I think it is very important to feel what you do, be sensitive to each client, and naturally learn new things, new technologies, go beyond standards, accept, analyze and genuinely love what you do.
Relaxation full body

€90 (incl.vat)
1 hour

Relaxing full body massage is performed in a smoother technique, has a flowing style that promotes overall relaxation, relieves muscle tension, and improves blood circulation and lymph movement.

You can also choose 1.5 hours or more, just mention it in the message
Therapeutic massage

€75 (incl.vat)
45 min

Therapeutic massage helps to increase the delivery of blood and oxygen to problematic and painful areas, and can also be used as a support to other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscle injuries.

You can also choose 1.5 hours or more, just indicate it in the message

Anti-cellulite massage

€90 (incl.vat)
1 hour

An anti-cellulite massage stimulates the deeper layers of skin and muscle, promoting the flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which provides the nutrients you need to improve your skin condition, as well as helping the lymphatic system remove any toxins and excess fluid.

You can also choose 1.5 hours or more, just mention it in the message.

Lymphatic drainage massage

€200 (incl.vat)
2 hours

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues

On request and after regular massage or after consultation

€40 (incl.vat)
30 min

Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage, a non-invasive treatment that involves the application of air pressure, alternating between compression and decompression on parts of the body. This can help to stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to stimulate blood circulation.

As an addition to any massage
Health Coaching and Study
Health Coaching

€75 (incl.vat)
Consultation 1 hour

Health and lifestyle consulting. I help to make lifestyle changes to improve physical health.
I give recommendations on how to achieve health goals. Long-term support is possible.
Monthly coaching

€600 (incl.vat)
1 month program

- Daily support and accompaniment.
- Offline and online meetings.
- Motivation.
- Analysis of food and fitness request.
- Selection of physical activity
Training course for massage therapists

€700 (incl.vat)
3 full days of training

- Detailed theoretical part (digital and printed form)
- Practicing technique with a master
- A massage session from the master to feel the force of pressing.
- Professional ethics and objection handling
- Lunches
- Personal recommendations
- Certificate
Cancellation policy
Dear clients!

You will receive a 24-hour reminder of our appointment in the text message to the phone number you provided at the time of booking. So please notify me about rescheduling no later than that time. Otherwise you will have to pay the full session cost. The cases of force majorities are discussed in person.

Thank you for your understanding!
Сlients reviews
  • Tati Komarov
    I had 10 massage treatments at Massage for Woman and the result is better than ever expected! My skin after pregnancy was really in so so condition, and Vera did a magic to it. It's much softer and glowing! I lost many centimetres, especially from my belly and legs. I also received very valued advice on sport and nutrition. Highly recommend!
  • Dominique
    Уважаемые дамы, а также их дочи :-) очень хочется порекомендовать специалиста по лечебно-оздоровительному и корректирующему массажу. Это наша Вера. Мы с дочерью получаем вторую серию сеансов на дому. Это просто не передать словами, выравнивается осанка у ребенка, улучшился сон, дыхание и общее состояние. Вера-умничка, очень основательно освоила и отработала технику... Цены тоже гуманистичные. Очень рекомендуем. Кому актуально, напишите Вере. Не пожалеете! всем здоровья
  • Anais Dupuis
    Highly recommended. Health benefit results speak for themselves, regardless of the type of massage you opt for - profound sensation of increased well-being that you feel immediately with every fibre of your body & soul. For long-lasting immune system benefits, I would recommend taking a series of sessions: a combination of relaxation and lymphatic drainage massage. Vera is a thorough professional highly dedicated to continuous perfection of her technique, as well as enhancing her knowledge in the areas of well-being.
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